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Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant on earth.It's renewable resource, it produces up to 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees and absorbs 4 TIMES as much carbon!
Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Do you know that its shoots are edible and delicious?

Bamboo Benefits

Bamboos offers a natural, fast-growing alternative for flooring, decking, wall-covering, beams, boards and worktops, which meets the highest requirements.

CO2 Neutral
Hard and Durable
Healthy Choice
Can last up to 30 years
Natural Beauty
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Our Products and Services

Farming Bamboo

One of the best ways to fully understand plants it is to grow it observe it. At Mutenga Bamboo we grow bamboo

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Sourcing and Supply

Do you want some bamboo? We find it and supply it for you

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Production of Bamboo products

We dont just speak about the commercialization of bamboo, we are walking the talk. Check out our shop

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Consultancy, Management, and Advisory Services

We provide consultancy, management and advisory services that suits your business needs

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Research and Training

We are always finding many ways in which the bamboo can benefit the society. We also provide training.

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Besides making toothpics, bamboo can be used to build medium and large structures, thanks to its hardness and durability. The other great thing about bamboo is that it perfectly blends with nature, so dont be alarmed when you find yourself becoming more kind, happy and creative.



The installation was absolutely painless and was like watching “a symphony”, just the most amazing teamwork and I never ever imagined you could achieve all that in just two days. We are thrilled with our new deck and have had so many compliments to date.

Glynis Mayer

This has been a hassle-free exercise. I appreciate the outstanding workmanship, attention to detail and the spotless and neat condition your team left my place in. The floors are looking beautiful and I can’t wait to have the rest of the apartment done.

Brighton Shamu